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Why Content Managements Systems are getting popular?

Content Management System is the buzz word in recent times. It is an application that allows you to create, accomplish and maintain web pages concurrently functioning on a single interface. CMS involves two elements namely, content management application and content delivery application.

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Tips to Design an Ideal Business Logo

For something as important as a brand entity, the logo design process would involve deep thinking, creativity and lots of planning. In other words, you do not just sit down and start crafting a logo while watching your favorite TV series.

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Are the PPC domination days over in Marketing?

Marketing world has known Pay per click for a long time. It has been a hot topic for a decade and marketers who advertised on the search engines have found it to be immensely profitable.

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The junction of SEO & Web Design!

People now days turn to the Internet for the solution of almost any kind of information. For users to visit your company page for that particular data, you need to ensure your brand has a powerful presence online. Websites represent your company’s traits and products.

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Design Principles for developing a Mobile Application user interface

An appealing first impression is a key to building relationships.People always look for integrity and reliability, which they consequently expect to be reflected in their first impressions. The same thought even applies when it comes to businesses and their products.

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Sales Tactics to boost your E-commerce Business

Thanks to sites like BigCommerce and Shopify, setting up an e-commerce website is not difficult anymore. After all, if you are seeking to make money on the internet, setting up an e-commerce store is a great way to get started.

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Explanatory Videos sway your Online Business

Psychology says only 10% remember what they hear and only 20% users remember the information they read. On the other hand, 80% of the users can recollect what they saw. This shows that visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than textual content.

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CHATBOTS – Future of Business Marketing

The whole world experienced a technological revolution when Facebook introduced the amazing Chatbots for the first time in April last year. Everyone was buzzed with the existence of Chatbots wondering its potentials in the future.

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Business Marketing with Google Place

These days it is not enough to just build a website. Besides SEO, social media marketing, designing, or content marketing, it is also important to get your business listed in Google Places. To explicate in simple words, Google places help you to get listed on Google Maps.

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Tips for Affordable and Pro Website Design

Just like Fashion, the trends and vogues of website designs are constantly changing. When it comes to building a professional website, you have to keep everything updated and trending. A great website is a mirror of your business’ works and skills.

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Boost Your Remote Team’s Productivity

It is an undeniable fact that a productive team will always ensure higher efficiency, higher profits, and a powerful brand. But driving that level of productivity is not a simple task. It is challenging to convince or provoke employees to work harder and impose strict rules on them.

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Digital Marketing Integration: Have you planned it yet?

It’s important for every business to understand that digital integration is not just a new term but an imperative one in the digi world. As content is the only fuel that drives result to a business; the marketers need to understand the performance of the content on different channels.

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